Surprise your lady love on this Women’s day with these budget-friendly tips

Surprise your lady love

The day is not so far when you would want to thank the women around you for their limitless care, support, affection and love. Although there should not be a specigific day to celebrate the womanhood, as every day starts with their beautiful smile and ends with care and warmth, this day gives us a chance to express our gratitude to them, for being there for us. It can rather be re-written-“behind every successful human being, there is a woman”. Prove this right on the International Women’s day and show your love to those special women in your life- your mother, sister, friend, girlfriend, wife and daughter. A gift can convey your feelings in a much better way. A gift can reflect what you think about the receiver and how important they are to you. Sometimes, our efforts to make them feel special can work wonders as well! So pick a perfect gift for the lady luck or do something outstanding for them and win their hearts on this International Women’s day! Some of the following tips won’t even cost you a dime:

Prepare the meals of the day

Your mother or wife do everything to make the perfect dish for you. They know what all are your favourite, and what irritate you on the plate. On this day, find out her likes and dislikes in food if you don’t know it yet, and try to make her favourite dish. You can take help from the internet or some recipe book. This effort of yours will make her day really special.

Take her to a nearby park, walk and talk

This may sound very usual, but believe me! Giving time is the best gift you can give to someone. These days we keep ourselves so busy with the virtual and digital world that we hardly find any time for the ones who deserves it. On this day, ask your woman (women) for a long walk in the nearby park. Talk to them about everything, ask about how they have been, what the things they have achieved are and their dreams they wanted to fulfil. This can be the most righteous gift you can give to a woman, especially for the elder ones.

Write something for her

You may be texting her a lot, you may be talking to her for hours, but have you ever tried writing something out of your heart yet? For all the times she was there for you, how she supported and guided you, and how she has pampered you when you felt lonely or broke. It can be your mother, aunt, sister, a colleague or a friend, jot down your appreciative feelings for that special ones, and gift them on this day. Let them know what a wonderful woman they have been for you!

Watch a movie together at home

Like it is said earlier, the best gift one can give is “time”. You don’t even have to buy the tickets to spend some quality time with her upon a movie. Just download her favourite movie or arrange a video format from somewhere, and watch it at your own home with a bowl of homemade popcorn and some snacks.

Take her to the terrace and surprise with a cake

Order a cake online at midnight at your home address. Call that special woman, or even invite all those special women on your terrace and cut the cake together. You can sing a song, ask them to dance, set up a Barbeque or do other entertaining activities for them as well. With MyFlowerApp, order any cake in any city, including Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi or Chennai with online cake delivery services. There are cakes of all types and every budget. You can also add any online gifts for occasions like birthday, anniversary, friendship day or any other festivals.

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