Reasons a business needs API integration

API integration

Business houses faces complex technological demands and most of them can be dealt by Shadowfax shipping API integration. With the aid of these integrations, a company can jump ahead of the competition by automating their tasks. This can be integrated with current industry applications and enhancing product innovation.

API as the name suggests points to unique pieces of computer code. A code is provided where two applications, database and programs interact with each other and share operations. On the other hand API interactions become necessary, when you are going to consider the explosion of cloud based apps or tool that business are known to rely. It has been found out that an average employee uses around 36 cloud services on their job to enhance their efficiency. There does arise a point of time when you are trying to manage these applications or hopping from one to another goes on to become a task in itself.

API paves way for a worker to cash in on the benefit of multiple cloud apps streamlining the management tasks. For this precise reason there are tonnes of API in existence and many are expected to follow suite. The chances are pretty high that you might have seen or using an API at work.

For example if you have gone on to click a social media icon, then an API action is already seen. It is possible to switch between applications and not resorting to manual tasks.

Automating tasks

Manual tasks like clicking between applications might not take a lot of time, but eventually it adds up to a lot. The moment a customer receives a call for integration the employee who receives the call has all the necessary information of the customer on the screen. This saves a lot of time at the end of the receiver on how is the person calling and pulling out all necessary information from their database. Not only you but the time of the customer is saved.

Remains relevant

Every industry is progressing at the rate of knots, so as a business you need to be at the top of your customers mind always. For example if they are aware of shadow API you need to integrate with them. This could provide you with cross functional features with upcoming and current apps that are vital to the customers. Once you go on to associate yourself with relevant apps it provides credibility to your brand.

Formation of new products

API integration has a capacity to formulate a new product that might turn out to be a core product. Once you are at a digital place, new functions can emerge between apps that would never have existed before.

When you incorporate API integration you can leverage applications data or an element of functionality into innovative new products and provides access to a larger audience. A host of small business try to formulate products with open API so as to encourage quick growth or adaption. Enterprises  tend to switch productive gains.

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